Magnets Through The AgesWhy They Attract

Surrounded by mystery, magnets have attracted attention for their special soothing, smoothing and healing powers for thousands of years. Many cultures, including those from Egypt, China, Persia and Europe, used magnets in one form or another in ceremonies, rituals and to treat ailments, disorders and wounds. Even Cleopatra was said to wear a magnet at night to prevent aging.

The term “magnetism” was introduced in ancient Greece based on the discovery of lodestone from which magnetic power was derived. Early medical literature from various countries documents the healing properties of magnets, including a scholarly study on magnetism by William Gilbert, physician to Queen Elizabeth. Magnets, in their simplicity and effectiveness, continue to draw people from all over the world who wish to give their unusual powers a try.

Beauty Magnets are a unique system of relaxation, revitalization and renewal. Face and spirit reach a new level of balanced beauty, making you look and feel radiant.

Magnets – A Remarkable Force Of Nature

Magnets, composed of tiny charged particles, work on the principal of re-directing energy movement for the body’s benefit. This is achieved by the ability of the magnets to align molecules in the blood cells, so they can move more easily around the body.